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Parking on Granville Island, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Parking pay station in Stanley Park

General Information and Prices for Parking on Granville Island

Currently, there is both free and paid vehicle parking on Granville Island for visitors.  There are times when the free parking is full and people keep driving around to find a free space causing congestion.

Note that the signage on Granville Island is different than the City of Vancouver.  All signage on Granville Island is international.  The lines are yellow or yellow dots.  Be sure that you are parking in a correct parking spot or you will be ticketed!

In March 2018 Granville Island proposed the removal of all free tour bus parking.  This caused a lot of concern from the tour industry especially regarding the quick implementation of this such that the tour companies could not adjust their rates for parking fees.  There have been meetings since to discuss this proposal.

Currently, as of June 4???, 2018, any tour bus that goes onto Granville Island will be required to pay.  There will be a drop-off area near the former Emily Carr school.  The pick-up area will be near the entrance to Granville Island.  It is anticipated that the free parking for cars will be eliminated later in the year.

Free Parking on Granville Island

Free parking is limited to one stall once per day and for the maximum posted time limited.  This is important to know because if you exceed the time limit you MUST move to pay parking or you will be ticketed.  Free parking restrictions are enforced from 7am-7pm, every day of the week.

There are a number of 3 hour free parking stalls for disabled visitors vehicles.

Paid Parking on Granville Island

There is both metered parking and monthly parking on Granville Island.

There are 5 paid parking lots with meters.  For 2018, the prices are $3.50 for 1 hour or $15/day to a maximum of 3 weeks.  The weekly rate is $80.  Pay at the closest pay station.  They accept Visa, Mastercard, PayByPhone and coins, but do not give change.

There is monthly paid parking for Granville Island employees, tenants, and residents.  Please refer to the Granville Island website for the many rules surrounding monthly parking.  There are 3 parking lots for monthly parkers.

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