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Celebration of Lights Fireworks in English Bay

Barge from which the Celebrations of Lights Fireworks are launched at English Bay
Barge from which the Celebrations of Lights Fireworks are launched at English Bay

The Celebration of Light is an annual event that takes place late July/early August in Vancouver.  It is 3 nights of fabulous fireworks blown off in English Bay that are syncronized to music.  There is also a daytime festival with bands that takes place at Sunset Beach.  The fireworks are judged.  Normally, it is fireworks groups from a few different countries that put on the show each on a different night.  This is Vancouver's largest event and some nights will draw up to 400,000 people.  It is so cool because boats form a semi-circle around the barge from which the fireworks are detonated.  There are some VIP stands, lounges(Keg Lounge, YVR Observation Deck, Inukshuk Lounge) and viewing areas for which tickets can be purchased.  Traffic in the West End neighbourhood is restricted to residents only after 6pm on fireworks nights.  The fireworks even be viewed from Kitsilano.  There are many charter boats that have booze cruises to watch the fireworks also.  The fireworks are free to view.

2017 Honda Celebration of Lights Fireworks

For 2017, the Honda Celebration of Lights takes place on July 29, 2017, August 2, 2017, and August 5, 2017 at 10pm each night rain or shine.  The countries competing this year are: Japan (Akariya Fireworks, July 29), UK (UK Jubilee Fireworks, Aug 2), and Canada (Royal Pyrotechnie, Aug 5).  Again, for a price, there is the Keg Lounge VIP viewing area, Inukshuk Lounge VIP lounge, YVR Observation Deck bleachers, and YVR Business Class for private parties.

Where is the Celebration of Lights Fireworks in English Bay, Vancouver, B.C., Canada?

The Celebration of Lights fireworks take place in English Bay in Vancouver.  Nearby is the English Bay Bath House and English Bay Seawall.

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