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Powys Thomas Memorial

original Powys Thomas memorial at bottom of tree
original Powys Thomas memorial at bottom of tree

In the Shakespeare garden in Stanley Park there was a little stone memorial saying 'This Oak commemorates Powys Thomas 1925 - 1977.  We began to wonder who was Powys Thomas?  Was he buried here?  Why is this monument in the Shakespeare Garden?

Powys Thomas was one of the members and first actors of the Royal Shakespeare Company at Stratford-upon-Avon.  He acted in King Lear in Vancouver which is probably his first connection to Vancouver.  He founded the National Theatre School of Canada and the Vancouver Playhouse school, another connection to Vancouver.

He died in Wales while on a vacation  He acted in King Lear as part of the Vancouver Playhouse in Vancouver which is probably his connection to Vancouver.  We couldn't find anything that indicated he lived in Vancouver and was buried in Stanley Park.  E. Pauline Johnson is the only other person buried in Stanley Park with a monument.  There is a pioneer's cemetery at Brockton Point, but there are not grave markers.

Obviously, the memorial is in the Shakespeare Garden because Powys was a Shakespearean actor.

Powys Thomas memorial at bottom of tree
Powys Thomas memorial at bottom of tree

Then, in 2014 a bigger and better memorial appeared in place of the small stone.  Eventually, it was cemented nicely in place presumably by the Parks Board.

Powys Thomas plaque
Powys Thomas plaque

The plaque says:

This oak is shared with all by the extraordinary

Powys Thomas

Actor * Teacher * Mentor

1925 - 1977

Where is the Powys Thomas Memorial in Stanley Park?

The Powys Thomas Memorial oak tree and plaque are located in the Shakespeare Garden in Stanley Park.  It is next to the Rose Garden just up Pipeline road from the traffic circle.

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