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Photo Walk Tours in Stanley Park

Totem Poles in Stanley Park
Totem Poles in Stanley Park

A great way to see some of Stanley Park and learn about photography is to take a Photo Walk tour.  These tours will take you to some parts of Stanley Park, such as Lost Lagoon or the Totem Poles.  You are usually required to bring your own camera, preferably a DSLR camera with zoom lens.  Also, a tripod is usually recommended.  You may be able to rent a camera and tripod, but that depends on the company.  The guide will give you tips and guidance on how to take great photos in the particular environment.

TIP#1: Make sure that your camera batteries are fully charged BEFORE going on the tour!

Vancouver PhotoWalks

Vancouver PhotoWalks offers a 2 hour Stanley Park photo tour every Friday at 10am.  It is 'Creative and Technical' and beginner-friendly!  For 2017, it is $119/person or $99/person for 2 or more.  DSLR Rentals are available.  It meets at the Vancouver Rowing Club .

Vancouver Photowalks

TIP#2: Make sure that you have enough free space on your memory card BEFORE the tour!

Phototours Vancouver

Phototours Vancouver offers a Stanley Park photo walk tour.  It is a moderate walk over relatively flat terrain.  It focuses on Composition & Impact, Creating Abstracts Through Motion, and Aperture-More Then Depth of Field.  As of this March 2017, Phototours Vancouver hasn't scheduled any Stanley Park photo walk tours for 2017 yet!

Phototours Vancouver

Stanley Park Tour


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