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Peace Tree and Plaque

Peace Tree and Plaque in Stanley Park
Peace Tree and Plaque in Stanley Park

The Peace Tree and plaque commemorates a little known effort to create peace between Canada and the Soviet Union.  In 1988, 12 Soviet and 12 Canadian children took a 15 day cross Canada train trip on VIA rail.  It was organized by Frans Manouvrier, a Montreal psychotherapist and member of the International Physicians for the prevention of Nuclear War.  The trip began in Quebec City and ended in Vancouver.

We need more of these efforts to create world peace!

Peace Tree Plaque in Stanley Park
Peace Tree Plaque in Stanley Park

The plaque says:

On this day, the 7th of July, 1988, Soviet and Canadian children from the Peace Train, in cooperation with the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation, planted this 12' silver birch to unite our two countries in peace and friendship, and to recall for future generations that peace, like trees, needs time and care to grow.

Where is the Peace Tree and Plaque in Stanley Park?

The Peace Tree and Plaque are located in Ceperley Meadow near the duck pond in Stanley Park.

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