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Jack Poole Plaza in Coal Harbour, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Jack Poole Plaza
Jack Poole Plaza

The Jack Poole Plaza is named after the man who led the Vancouver Organizing Committe for the 2010 Olympics.  It is a large plaza at the Vancouver Trade and Convention centre that has the 2010 Olympic Flame, Digital Orca, and 2 restaurants (Cactus Club and Tap House).  It is frequently used for big events such as Canada Day and New Years Eve celebrations.

Jack Poole Plaza plaque
Jack Poole Plaza plaque

The plaque says:


Jack Poole was a giant of a man, a builder of better communities who voluntarily provided exceptional leadership with an unwavering commitment to the public good as exemplified by his extraordinary service as Chairman of the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.  Jack always considered it an honour to be asked to serve, whether it was in the interests of better health research and the care that followed, the provision of affordable and high quality accommodation for working families or hosting the Games that reflect the magnificent splendor of our land, the warmth of our hospitality, and the power and passion of our people.

Each of us faces choices about how we will spend our lives.  Jack chose to spend his honouring and encouraging what was best in all of us.

He provided an example of leadership, good humour, strength, intelligence and integrity that is unmatched.  He helped and shaped the City and Province we enjoy today.  He was the embodiment of the Olympic and Paralympic spirit, and it is fitting that the Olympic Cauldron will be located permanently in the Jack Poole Plaza.

Honourable Gordon Campbell

Premier of British Columbia

Where is the Jack Poole Plaza in Coal Harbour?

The Jack Poole Plaza is located on Coal Harbour on the west side of the Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre.  The Cactus Club and Tap House restaurants are on the plaza.  Nearby is the Coal Harbour Seawall, and the Nike Statue.

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