- Everything you need to know about visiting Stanley Park, Vancouver, Canada!

Granville Island, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Parking pay station in Stanley Park

Granville Island

market, arts club, formerly emily carr school, non-chain stores, restaurants: bridges, sandbar, keg, ferries to island, marina, boat rentals

Granville Island is owned and managed by the federal government of Canada.

    small non-chain stops
  • market
  • ferries to and from
  • marinas
  • restaurants, some with great patios
  • lots of tourists
  • hotel
  • cement factory
  • art work on cement factory silos
  • artists studios
  • formerly home of Emily Carr art school
  • false creek seawall
  • formerly had a light rail tram connecting it
  • proposal to build elevator to granville street bridge
  • bus -what bus to get there?
  • french language
  • had a bicycle valet during summer 2017, looking to bring it back for 2018

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