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Seasonal and Yearly Events in Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada

There are a number of events which occur one-time, multi-times, seasonally and every year in Stanley Park.  We have the most up-to-date listing of all events in Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada!

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Annual Theatre Under the Stars in Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Polar Bear Swim in English Bay

Polar Bear Swim near Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada

The Polar Bear Swim is the largest New Years Day event in Vancouver.  Thousands of people go for a swim in the cold waters of English Bay in the West End of Vancouver.  Many people wear costumes and it is a big party..a continuation of New Year's Eve celebrations for many!  This event has taken place since 1920 and is one of the oldest Vancouver traditions!  People are encouraged to dress up in costumes.  There is also the "Peter Pantages Memorial 100 yard swim race".  Also, the food bank collects donations of non-perishable foods and cash so please bring what you can.  This swim is one of Vancouver's oldest and we think every that can should do it at least once in your lifetime!...we are waiting for the warmest ever year to do it!

Water temperature varies year to year.  Some years there is ice and snow on the ground so the water can be quite chilly where other years, the temperature can be higher so the water isn't so cold!

Registration is free and you are encouraged to register so they can get a good count of the number of people who take the plunge!  The swim take place at 2:30pm, but get there earlier to register.

The restaurants in front of English Bay fill up completely by lunchtime.  If you want to get into one of these restaurants, we suggest that you contact them for a reservation...if they take reservations or go early!

Expect some traffic and pedestrian congestion on Beach Ave and nearby streets after 1pm.  However, the roads remain open.

To find out more about the Polar Bear Swim go to: Polar Bear Swim

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Theatre Under the Stars

Theatre Under the Stars musical in Stanley Park, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Each summer, Theatre Under the Stars puts on 2 different musicals at Malkin Bowl in Stanley Park.  These are full-on musicals that are performed on alternating nights.  On a beautiful summer night, there is nothing better than watching some fantastic musical theatre under the stars!

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Terry Fox Run

Terry Fox Run in Stanley Park, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

The Terry Fox run is an annual charity run/walk/bike to raise money for the Terry Fox Foundation which is searching for a cure for cancer.  This event place usually on the 3rd Sunday of September at Ceperley Park in Stanley Park.  Registration starts at 8am.  There is a group warm up around 9:30am.  The run/walk/bike starts at 10am.  There are usually 2 routes that you can take.  There is a 10km route that goes around the entire park mainly on the Stanley Park Seawall.  The other route is a 3km route that goes around Lost Lagoon.  After the run, there is usually a free breakfast served up for participants.

Expect some traffic delays after 10am at the point where Stanley Park Drive passes Ceperley Park.  This is to allow for the people on the 3km route to cross the street to return to Ceperley Park.

To find out more about the Terry Fox run go to: Terry Fox run

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Celebration of Light Fireworks and Festival

Theatre Under the Stars musical in Stanley Park, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Each summer at the end of July/beginning of August, there are 3 nights of music-syncronized fireworks displays at English Bay.  During the day there is an associated festival with live music, food, and beer gardens.  This is Vancouver's largest event of the year!

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Brahms Tam Drum Circle

Leith Wheeler Stanley Park Open Tennis Tournament

Ratha Yatra - Parade and Festival in the Park

Easter Train

Halloween Train

Brignt Nights Christmas Train

Stanley Park Tour

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