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Tours in Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada

There are a many different ways to tour Stanley Park and see all it has to offer!  You can tour Stanley Park by horse-drawn carriage, hop-on hop-off bus, bicycle, walking, bus, private tour bus, car, or using the tour on this website!  Some of the tours, such as the famous horse-drawn carriage tour and the Stanley Park Shuttle are seasonal.  There are also a number of historical, First Nations, and foraging walking tours in Stanley Park during the summer months.  There is even a photography tour on which you can tour Stanley Park and improve your photography skills at the same time!  So, there are many ways you can tour Stanley Park.

Horse-drawn Tour of Stanley Park

Horse-drawn Tour of Stanley Park, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

The Horse-Drawn Carriage tour of Stanley Park is one of the most popular attractions in the park.  It is a narrated approximately one hour tour on a trolley pulled by big beautiful horses around half the park.  The carriage goes by many of the attractions on the east side of Stanley Park.  The tour makes a short stop at the Totem Poles where you can leave the carriage to take photos.  This tour is seasonal and operates from early March to the end of October every year.  This is a tour that just requires that you can sit in the carriage so it is good for all ages and abilities.

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Stanley Park Shuttle Tour

Hop On/Hop Off tour of Stanley Park, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

The Stanley Park Shuttle is a seasonal hop-on/hop-off bus run by the Vancouver Trolley Company.  The Stanley Park Shuttle is a narrated approximately 45 minute tour that stops at 15 locations in the park that are near the most popular attractions and locations.  You can get on or off at any stop.  The stops are well-marked on the road.  The shuttle just goes in circles in the park and comes by each stop about every 15-30 minutes.  The shuttle runs every year from late June to early September.    You can purchase tickets on the bus or online.  We recommend the shuttle tour if you want a quick overview tour of Stanley Park or you don't have transportation and want to explore many attractions at the park in one day!  You can either just stay on the trolley for the entire tour or hop-off/hop-on at any stop that you wish.

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Bicycle Tours of Stanley Park

Bicycles on the Seawall in Stanley Park, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

There are 2 companies that run bicycle tours of Stanley Park: Cycle City Tours and Vancouver Bike Tours.  Cycle City Tours offers 2 daily tours which go into Stanley Park: The Stanley Park Tour and the Grand Tour.  The Stanley Park tour is a 2.5 hour tour takes you into the park on both the seawall and some of the trails.  You will learn about the temperate rain forest, coastal first nations, and some of the history of Stanley Park.  The Grand Tour is a 5 hour tour of different parts of Vancouver including Stanley Park, Granville Island, Olympic Village, Chinatown, and Gastown.  Vancouver Bike Tours offers a 'Towers and Totems Bike Tour' which is a daily 3.5 hour tour which shows you the downtown financial district then goes around Stanley Park.  The bicycle tours are for more active visitors, but is on relatively flat land so isn't too strenuous.

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Bus Tours of Stanley Park

Bus Tour in Stanley Park, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

There are a number of companies that offer bus tours of Stanley Park.  These usually only stop at a few key locations (e.g. prospect point lookout, totem poles) in the park to give you an overview of the park.  Westcoast Siteseeing offers 5 different bus tours that include a visit to Stanley Park.  They also operate a 'Hop-on, Hop-off' bus that has over 20 stops around Vancouver,7 of which stops are in Stanley Park.  These bus tours are good if you want a quick visit to Stanley Park in addition to a visit to other attractions and locations in Vancouver in one tour.

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Walking Tours of Stanley Park

Walking Tour of Stanley Park, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

There are a number of fantastic walking tours of Stanley Park.  There are historical walking tours, First Nations walking tours, and new for 2016 is a foraging walking tour!  Additionally, most years there are some special events in Stanley Park that offer tours of locations such as HMCS Discovery, Police Mounted Squad barns, Malkin Bowl, etc. that are usually off-limits!  These walking tours of Stanley Park are usually quite reasonably priced and well worth the price.  Most of these tours will require you to do an easy walk for a few hours.

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Private Tours of Stanley Park

Private Van Tour of Stanley Park, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

A great way to see exactly what you want in Stanley Park is to take a private tour.  There are tour companies that offer tours in small vans and that customize their tours based on the participants.  We recommend a few companies if you click for more details.

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Driving Tour of Stanley Park

Driving Tour of Stanley Park, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

If you have access to a vehicle it well worth driving around Stanley Park on Stanley Park drive as a tour!  You will see many of the main locations such as Brockton Point, Prospect Point, Ceperley Field, statues such as the Harry Jerome statues, monuments such as the Chehalis Cross, famous trees such as the Hollow Tree, the Lions Gate Bridge, and of course fabulous views.

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Photo Walks of Stanley Park

Photo Walks of Stanley Park, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

You can also take a guided photo walk of Stanley Park where you will learn how to take photos and also see some of Stanley Park.  Vancouver Photowalks offers a 2 hour Stanley Park tour on Fridays.  PhotoTours Vancouver also offers a Stanley Park photo tour.

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Running Tours of Stanley Park

New in 2016 is a running tour of Stanley Park and downtown Vancouver.  This tour involves running about 7km over about 1 - 1.5 hours and involves many stops.  Obviously, this tour is for people who can run a significant distance.

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Website Tour of Stanley Park

You can tour Stanley Park online by visiting all the web pages on this website.  We are continually adding new pages and new information so come back regularly to see what is new!  We have built a tour into our site.  Just click on the links in the 'Stanley Park Tour' section near the bottom of every web page, e.g.

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