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Lost Lagoon in Stanley Park

Lost Lagoon in Stanley Park
Lost Lagoon in Stanley Park

Lost Lagoon is the main water feature within Stanley Park.  Once it was part of Coal Harbour until the Stanley Park Causeway was built and cut it off from Coal Harbour.  Pauline Johnson gave it it's name because it disappeared, i.e. was "lost", when it was low tide.  It is popular to walk the trail around Lost Lagoon.

Boathouse-was boating now no boating
Once wanted to build a floating theatre on it
Jubilee fountain
More on how it got it's name
biofiltration pond

ducks, geese, swans

gravestones used to build the wall

Where is Lost Lagoon in Stanley Park?

Lost Lagoon in Stanley Park is located close to downtown Vancouver, just off of the Stanley Park Causeway and next to Coal Harbour.  The Duck Pond is an extension of Lost Lagoon.  The Jubilee Fountain.  The Stanley Park Ecology Society Nature House

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