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Walking Tours of Stanley Park

Stanley Park Walking Tour
Stanley Park Walking Tour

Nowdays, there are many historical, cultural, geological, tall tree, first nations, heritage and special event walking tours of Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada.  Every year there seem to be more walking tours starting up.  Most of the walking tours last from 1 to 2 hours and are on relatively flat terrain.  Unfortunately, most tours cannot accomodate wheelchairs because they go off of the main paths.  Be sure to check with the individual tour company for restrictions, prices, and other information.

We highly recommend that you wear appropriate clothing and footwear.  Vancouver can be cool when the weather is wet so you may need a jacket and gloves.  Wearing layers is the best!  Most tours will walk on paved and crushed gravel paths, and grass.  Since Vancouver is rainy, expect that you may be walking on a wet surface.  Wear appropriate footwear.  Flip-flops are not usually appropriate for these tours.  Check the weather and if rainy be sure to bring an umbrella or rain poncho.  Most tours do not pass washroooms or concession stands so be sure to go to the bathroom prior to your tour.  Here is our list of washrooms in Stanley Park: Washrooms.  If it is sunny, you may need a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen.  A small day pack is always useful to carry your water and umbrella!  Also, be sure to bring along some water and snacks for your walking tour.

Secrets of Stanley Park Walking Tour

New for Summer 2017, Forbidden Vancouver will be doing a Stanley Park walking tour on Wednesdays starting on June 7, 2017.  Forbidden Vancouver gives fantastic walking tours of other parts of Vancouver and we are sure that this tour will also be fantastic.

Stanley Park has been around for over 100 years and has a rich history and many secrets.  This tour will tell you "about the secrets that lurk in the shadows, on the hidden trails, and in the swirling waters.  The secrets you aren't supposed to know."

Price: $25
Date: June 2017-Sep 2017
Days: Wednesdays
Start Time: 2pm
Duration: 2 to 2.5 hours
Tour Start Location: Fountain outside Vancouver Aquarium Ages: 14+

Forbidden Vancouver Website: Secrets of Stanley Park Tour information and Tickets

Ferguson Point to Prospect Point Walking Tour

New for 2017, Numimous Travels will be doing a Stanley Park walking tour on Sundays of every month.  This tour is a walking tour from Ferguson Point to Prospect Point.  This is a narrated stroll on the North-west side of Stanley Park taking participants on a 'journey through our mythological and historical past with myriad of geological wonders.'.  This tour is as advertised and does mix geological information with cultural and historic information about the areas that you walk by.  Some of the places and attractions that you will see on this tour are: Ferguson Point, Stanley Park Seawall, Third Beach, Siwash Rock, SS Beaver Plaque, and the Prospect Point Lighthouse.

There are additions that can be purchased to extend the tour.  One is 'A Walk on the Bridge' which is a 30 minute tour about the Lions Gate Bridge.  Another additon is the 'Little House on the High Ground' which is a 30 minute tour about the lost site of Chaythoos and the history of Prospect Point.

Price: $25, additions are $8/hour/person, Ages 0-8 are free with paid adult
Ages: All ages Date: June 2017-???
Days: Sundays
Start Time: 2pm
Duration: 2 to 2.5 hours
Length: 3km
Tour Start Location: Ferguson Point Tour End Location: Prospect Point

We have taken this tour and would like to add that this tour does start at Ferguson Point which is reachable by car by driving all the way around Stanley Park, the Stanley Park Shuttle during the summer months only, bicycle about 10 minute ride in from English Bay, or a 20+ walk in from English Bay.  Pay parking is available at Ferguson Point.  The main tour ends at the Prospect Point lighthouse on the seawall so you need to find your way back to Ferguson Point if you are parked there.  Note that getting back could be another hour walking!  If you do the additions, there is a steep climb up a gravel path to Prospect Point to get onto the Lions Gate Bridge.  The tour of the bridge takes you onto the bridge.  If you are afraid of heights, you may not want to do this addition.

Numinous Travels Website:

Jolene Cumming Walking Tours

There are some fantastic walking tours of Stanley Park done by Jolene Cumming of the Stanley Park History Group.  Jolene is probably the person who knows the most about Stanley Park's cultural and women's history.  These are usually on a Sunday about once every month.  Some of the tours she gives are: Shakespeare's Garden 450, A Stanley Park Historical Walking Tour, and E. Pauline Johnson's (Tekahionwake) Stanley Park Historical Walking tour.  The tours are about 2 hours long and only cost $10.  The walking effort required is low to moderate.  Pre-registration is recommended because they fill up quickly.

Jolene also offers private tours.  You can book any of 19 different Stanley Park Historical Walking Tours.

Stanley Park History Group Website:

Talaysay Tours - Authentic Cultural and Eco Experiences

Talaysay Tours offers a 1.5 hour tour in Stanley Park from May to September called 'TalaysayTalking Trees Walk at Stanley Park" for groups of 2-12.  It is a low to moderate effort walk for about 2km given by a trained anthropologist who is first nations.  The tour starts at the Stanley Park Bus Loop at the interpretive sign.  It concentrates on the way of life of the First Nations people and provides a cultural experience.  Traditional aboriginal tea is provided.  The guide will point out local plants and trees that were harvested by First Nations people for food, technology, and medicine.

Cost is $35/Adult, $28/Child, Group rates available.  Tours start at 10am, noon, and 2pm.

Talaysay Tours Website: About Talking Trees Walk at Stanley Park tour

To book or inquire: Toll Free: 1-800-605-4643, Vancouver local phone: 604-628-8555, email:

Heritage Vancouver Society Tour in Stanley Park
Heritage Vancouver Society Tour in Stanley Park

Heritage Vancouver Society

The Heritage Vancouver Society occasionally does walking tours of Stanley Park.  They do a bunch of other tours related to the heritage of Vancouver.

Vancouver Heritage Society Website: Vancouver Heritage Society

Totem Poles in Stanley Park
Totem Poles in Stanley Park

Aboriginal and Eco Tours

Aboriginal and Eco Tours has a walking tours that involve Stanley Park.  It is called 'Spoken Treasures - A History of Vancouver and Stanley Park through Indigenous eyes' for groups of 2-20.  The tour starts at the Stanley Park Information Booth.  This is a 1.1 kilometre walk along the seawall with a guide sharing stories, history, and lore of the city of Vancouver through indigenous eyes.  This tour finishes at the Totem Poles at Brockton Point with stories about the totem poles and those that carved them.

Cost is $35/Adult, $28/Child, Group rates available.  Tours start at 10:30am, 12:30pm, and 2:30pm.

Aboriginal and Eco Tours Website: Aboriginal and Eco Tours

To book or inquire: Toll Free: 1-800-605-4643, Vancouver local phone: 604-628-8555, email:

Foraging Tours (CANCELLED???)

NOTE: Their website is down so we cannot confirm that this tour is still operating for 2017.  They may be working with the Stanley Park Ecological society now.

Forager Tours offered an introductory 2 hour foraging tour in Stanley Park in 2016.  This introduced you to many common edible plants growing in the park.  This tour blends in cultural heritage, sustainable and respectful harvesting techniques, plant identification tips, and traditional uses of plants.

Tours ran from May through September 10am-12pm and 1pm-3pm, daily except Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Rain or shine, easy walk, $39 Adult, free for children under 9 accompanying adult.


Special Events

Occasionally there are special events, such as the Stanley Park 125 celebration that had walking tours of the Police Horse Stables, Rose Cottage, Malkin Bowl, and Deadman's Island.  Whenever they have these tours they are very popular because these are places that you can't usually see without special permission.  If you get a chance to go on any of these tours, we highly recommend you go on them.

Stanley Park Tour


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