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Rogers Arena, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Rogers Arena at False Creek, Vancouver, BC, Canada

  • located between the Georgia St and Dunsmuir St viaducts in downtown Vancouver
  • Home of the Vancouver Canucks NHL hockey team
  • Home of the Vancouver Warriors NLL lacrosse team
  • formerly home of the Vancouver Grizzlies NBA basketball team
  • formerly 2010 Olympic Hockey
  • The main arena for the 2018-2019 World Junior Hockey Championships
  • concerts-main circuit of top acts
  • formerly start of the Police reunion concert tour
  • privately funded, built, and owned
  • nicknames 'the garage'
  • tours of arena
  • Designated as an 'Autism Aware' facility which means it has services and resources to support guests living with autism as they attend events.
  • All entrants must go through a metal detector.
  • There is a size limit on bags that can be brought into the stadium.

Rogers Arena Guest Services

There are guest services centres located in the stadium.  They are located at sections 104(for club seats), 114, and 310.  Alternatively, you can ask any of the staff for assistance.

Some of the guest services are:

  • Assistive listening devices, booster seats, and blankets are available for loan, free of charge
  • Assistance reuniting lost guests
  • Nursing room and quiet room
  • Sensory kits to assist individuals with sensory sensitivities.
  • Universal bathrooms are available throughout the arena
  • Fan Texting service: text 69050 to report inappropriate fan behaviour
  • A wheelchair accessible gate is located on Pat Quinn way at Gate 16

Rogers Arena Contact Phone Numbers

  • 50/50 Hotline: 604-899-7850
  • Canucks Team Store: 604-899-7590
  • Captains Room (reservations): 604-899-7525
  • Sportsbar (reservations): 604-877-6787
  • Fan Services: 604-899-7440
  • Lost and Found: 604-899-7803
  • Rogers Arena Tours: 604-899-7450
  • Rogers Arena Event Reception: 604-899-7400
  • Toyota Ticket Centre: 604-899-7676
  • Vancouver Canucks Season Ticket, Ice Pack, and Group Ticket Information: 604-899-4625

Rogers Arena Photos

concert at Rogers Arena, False Creek, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Canucks game at Rogers Arena, False Creek, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Rogers Arena, False Creek, Vancouver, BC, Canada

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