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Tours of Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada

There are many different ways to tour Stanley Park and see all it has to offer!

There is a horse-drawn carriage tour, bus tours, walking tours, bicycle tours, photo walk tours, private tours, a driving tour, running tours, and a website tour.

Most of the tours are seasonal during the summer months, but some operate in the off-season and all year long.

Walking Tours of Stanley Park

Walking Tour of Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada

There are a number of fantastic walking tours in Stanley Park that take place in Stanley Park.

Typically, there are historical, First Nations, tall trees, plants, foraging, bird, animal, and other walking tours throughout the year.

Additionally, most years there are some special events in Stanley Park that offer tours of locations such as HMCS Discovery Naval Reserve, Police Mounted Squad barns, Malkin Bowl, Vancouver Parks Board Office, etc. that are usually off-limits most of the time!

These walking tours of Stanley Park are usually quite reasonably priced and well worth the price.

Most of these tours will require you to be able to do an easy to moderate walk for a few hours.

New for 2023 are some self-guided walking tours!

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Bus Tours of Stanley Park

Bus Tour in Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada

There are a number of companies that offer paid bus tours of Stanley Park.

There are 2 types of bus tours, hop-on/hop-off where you can get off and on when and where you want, and guided tours that take you specific attractions to visit for a short time.

These bus tours are good if you want either a quick tour to see a few of the main attractions or want to create your own tour by hopping off for a while.

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Horse-drawn Carriage Tour of Stanley Park

Horse-drawn Tour of Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada

The Horse-Drawn Carriage tour of Stanley Park is one of the most popular and iconic tours in Stanley Park.

It is a paid, narrated approximately one hour tour around half of Stanley Park on a carriage pulled by big beautiful horses.

The carriage goes by many of the attractions on the east side of Stanley Park such as the Totem Poles, Brockton Point Lighthouse, SS Empress of Japan Figurehead, and the Rose Garden among many others.

The tour makes a short stop at the Totem Poles where you can leave the carriage to take photos.

This tour is seasonal and operates from late February to early November every year.  This is a tour that just requires that you can sit in the carriage so it is good for all ages and abilities.

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Bicycle Tours of Stanley Park

Bicycles on the Seawall in Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada

There are a number of companies that run bicycle tours that go into Stanley Park as part of the tour.

Most of these tours start just outside of Stanley Park and go into Stanley Park to see some of the Attractions.

A number of the tours now offer electric bicycles which makes the tour more accessible.  You do need to know how to ride a bicycle to take these tours.

An alternative to taking a bicycle tour is to rent a bicycle and tour Stanley Park yourself using information from our website.  You can either ride the dedicated bicycle lane on the Stanley Park Seawall to go completely around the park and/or ride your bicycle on the bicycle allowed Trails within the park.  With your own bicycle you can stop at any of the Attractions that you want.

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Website Tour of Stanley Park

You can use this website to do a Website Tour of Stanley Park by using the pages of this website!

We have built a tour into our website.  Just click on the button, e.g. Next Page in the 'Stanley Park Tour' section near the bottom of every web page on our site!

Private Tours of Stanley Park

Private Van Tour of Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada

A great way to see exactly what you want in Stanley Park is to take a private tour.  There are tour companies that offer tours in small vans and that customize their tours based on the participants.  We recommend a few companies if you click for more details.

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Photo Walk Tours of Stanley Park

Photo Walks of Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada

You can also take a guided photo walk tour of Stanley Park where you will learn how to take better photos and also see some of Stanley Park attractions.

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Driving Tour of Stanley Park

Driving Tour of Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada

If you have access to a vehicle you can do a Driving Tour of Stanley Park on your own.

You will pass by all the main locations in Stanley Park such as Brockton Point, Lumbermens' Arch, Prospect Point, Ferguson Point, and Ceperley Park.

Along the way you will see many of Stanley Park's Attractions.

Good thing is that if you pay for parking in one location in Stanley Park it is good for the time you paid for in all the other parking locations in Stanley Park!

More info and route for Driving Tour...

Running Tours of Stanley Park

Running in Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada

There used to be a running tour of Stanley Park, but as of 2019, we are not aware of any active running tours operating at this time.

This shouldn't prevent you from running in Stanley Park, you will just need to follow your own route!

The easiest and most common route is to run all the way around Stanley Park on the Stanley Park Seawall.  From the start of the seawall at Coal Harbour all the way around Stanley Park to English Bay is just over 9km (5.5 miles).

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