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Attractions in Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada

There are many attractions and points of interest in Stanley Park.  In addition to it's natural beauty there are both free and paid attractions in Stanley Park that are worth visiting.  The most popular attraction in all British Columbia are the First Nations Totem Poles at Brockton Point which can be viewed for free!  Other free attractions are the Lumbermens' Arch, Stanley Park Pavilion, Nine O'Clock Gun, Susan Point Welcome Gateways, Nature House, Malkin Bowl, Siwash Rock, SS Empress of Japan Figurehead, Entrance Bridge, Jubilee Fountain, Prospect Point Lighthouse, Brockton Point Lighthouse, Lions Gate Bridge, 3 boardwalks, Georgia Viaduct Lamp, Cob House, HMCS Discovery Naval Reserve, Vancouver Parks Board Office, Rose Cottage, Wishing Well, Salmon Display Pool, and the Polar Bear Compound.  Some of these you can only view from the outside, e.g. HMCS Discovery Naval Reserve, or with tickets when events are on, e.g. Malkin Bowl.  There are a number of paid entry attractions also, such as the Vancouver Aquarium and Miniature Train.  No visit to Vancouver is complete without a visit to Stanley Park and it's attractions.

There was a proposal in 2017 for a Lions Gate Bridge Climb where you could climb up 360 ladder rungs in the north or south towers of the Lions Gate Bridge emerging at the top having a 360 degree view around.  This proposal was shut down by the government for many reasons including safety, driver distraction, and the commercialization of public infrastructure.

First Nations Totem Poles

Totem Poles and Welcome Gateway in Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada

The First Nations Totem Poles in Stanley Park are the most visited attraction in the province of British Columbia and possibly all of Canada!  There are 9 beautiful carved totem poles that represent the aboriginal culture of British Columbia.  These totem poles are presented in a beautiful natural setting at Brockton Point along with 3 aboriginal welcome gateways!

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Closed Indefinitely-Vancouver Aquarium

Vancouver Aquarium dolphin show

The Vancouver Aquarium is one of the best aquariums in the world and is a major attraction in Stanley Park.  It has many displays showcasing British Columbia's coast, Canada's arctic, penguins, tropical mammals, fish and frogs.  The most recent exhibit is one in which you can actually touch rays swimming in a pool!  They also have a fabulous dolphin show with rescued animals.  The aquarium is well known for it's research and animal rescue work.

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Miniature Train

Miniature Train in Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada

There is a Miniature Train ride in Stanley Park.  There are 4 different locomotives that take people on a 15 minute ride through a beautiful wilderness area that includes a tunnel and a tressle!  Children and Adults can ride the train for a small fee.  The train runs during Easter, summer, Halloween, and Christmas times!  For the Halloween train, there is a scary theme where nightly there are fabulous sets and actors dressed up according to a yearly theme, e.g. scary fairy tales!  For the Christmas Train, there are millions of christmas lights set up in displays!

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Lumbermens' Arch

Lumbermens' Arch in Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada

The Lumbermens' Arch is one of the unique attractions of Vancouver.  It is a monument unlike any other monument in the world.  Located where once was a first nations village site, it is made up of a giant log raised in the air at one end paying homage to British Columbia's logging heritage!

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TEMPORARILY CLOSED-Stanley Park Pavilion

Stanley Park Pavilion in Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada

The Stanley Park Pavilion is a historic 1911 building that has a restaurant, wedding/banquet facilities, and offices for the Stanley Park Ecology Society.  It has a beautiful garden in the front of it that is one of the best in Stanley Park.  In the summer you can frequently see weddings taking place here!

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Nine O'Clock Gun

Nine O'Clock Gun in Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada

The Nine O'Clock Gun is another attraction that is unique to Vancouver.  It is an old cannon that fires nightly at 9pm.  It has been doing this almost continuously since Vancouver became a city!  During the height of the Covid pandemic in 2020 it fired at 7pm in support of essential workers.  Learn how it was once kidnapped!

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Susan Point Welcome Gateways

Susan Point Welcome Gateway in Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada

There are 3 Welcome Gateways carved by Susan Point around the Totem Poles in Stanley Park.  Most people go to see the First Nations Totem Poles, but overlook the beautiful First Nation Welcome Gateways.  If you go visit the Totem Poles be sure to check out all 3 Welcome Gateways located around the area where the totem poles are.

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Nature House

Nature House in Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada

2020-07-16: The Nature House has re-opened for July and August.

The Stanley Park Nature House has nature related exhibits and information about Stanley Park.  It is operated by the Stanley Park Ecology Society.

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Malkin Bowl in Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Malkin Bowl is a outdoor covered stage that hosts musicals(Theatre Under the Stars) and concerts during the late spring and summer.  It is a beautiful outdoor venue to see a show!

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Siwash Rock

Siwash Rock in Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Siwash Rock is a large rock structure on the west side of Stanley Park that has been separated from Stanley Park by millions of years of wave action by the ocean.  Miraculously, a tree grows out of the top of it!

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SS Empress of Japan Figurehead

SS Empress of Japan Figurehead in Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada

The SS Empress of Japan Figurehead is a colourful replica of the actual figurehead of the ship that conducted commerce between Vancouver and the Orient in the early days of Vancouver.

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Entrance Bridge

Entrance Bridge in Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada

The Entrance Bridge is the original formal entrance to Stanley Park.  When you go over the bridge you are greeted with open arms by the Lord Stanley statue!

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Jubilee Fountain

Jubilee Fountain in Lost Lagoon, Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada

The Jubilee Fountain is a beautiful fountain in Lost Lagoon in Stanley Park.  It is frequently lit up at night and is a beautiful water feature!

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Prospect Point Lighthouse

Prospect Point Lighthouse in Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada

The Prospect Point Lighthouse is one of the two lighthouses in Stanley Park.  It is located at the spot where a famous ship wrecked (and still resides)!

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Brockton Point Lighthouse

Brockton Point Lighthouse in Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada

The Brockton Point Lighthouse is one of the two lighthouses in Stanley Park.  It has great views of the north shore of Vancouver and Burrard Inlet.

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Lions Gate Bridge

Lions Gate Bridge, Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada

The Lions Gate Bridge is the first bridge built from Vancouver to North Vancouver.  It was built by the Guiness family (yes, the beer family) to access land holdings in North and West Vancouver.  The road to the bridge goes directly through the heart of Stanley Park!

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Tunnel trail Boardwalk in Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada

A recent attraction to Stanley Park are some Boardwalks.  These wooden boardwalks are used to protect sensitive habitat, but allow the public to enjoy it.

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Georgia Viaduct Lamp

Georgia Viaduct Lamp in Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada

A recent attraction to Stanley Park is the Georgia Viaduct Lamp which is a restored historic lamp from the original Georgia Street viaduct in Vancouver.

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Cob House

Cob House in Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada

The Cob House is a cool example of a green building.

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HMCS Discovery Naval Reserve

HMCS Discovery Naval Reserve in Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada

The HMCS Discovery Naval Reserve is an active Canadian Navy Training Facility located on Deadman's Island in Stanley Park.

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Vancouver Parks Board Office

Vancouver Parks Board Office in Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada

The Vancouver Parks Board Office is located in Stanley Park.  The office has a unique architecture and has beautiful grounds.

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Rose Cottage

Rose Cottage in Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada

The Rose Cottage is an old cottage that used to be the house of Stanley Park's first park commissioner.

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Wishing Well

Wishing Well in Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada

The Wishing Well is a little known attraction in Stanley Park.  Make a wish and you may get lucky!

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Salmon Display Pool

Salmon Display Pond in Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Salmon are an important fish species for British Columbia.  This Salmon Display Pond is to help educate the public about salmon.

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Polar Bear Compound

Polar Bear Compound  in Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada

There used to be a zoo at Stanley Park.  All that remains of the Zoo is the Polar Bear Compound minus the polar bears!  See what it used to take to keep the polar bears from eating you!

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