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Captain Edward Stamp Plaque in Stanley Park

Captain Edward Stamp plaque
Captain Edward Stamp plaque

The Captain Edward Stamp plaque commemorates where he first started logging Stanley Park and created a sawmill.  The tides out front were too strong so the operations were moved to near where Gastown is now and where the City of Vancouver was formed!  At this point in the seawall the walking path and bicycling path is separated.  The plaque is not visible from the walking path of the Stanley Park seawall, you only see a big rock, but is visible from the bicycle path.

Captain Edward Stamp plaque
Captain Edward Stamp plaque

The plaque says:


Captain Edward Stamp

Pioneer Industrialist and Legislator started lumbering operations, then finding a better site, he moved elsewhere on Burrard Inlet, and founded in the wilderness, now the City of Vancouver, the famous Hastings Sawmill


Some More History

Supposedly, Jerry Rogers was hired by Captain Edward Stamp to clear the original Hastings Mill Sawmill site in Stanley Park.  Jerry had built a logging camp at Jerry's Cove, what we now call "Jericho".  So the story goes, that Jerry was hired to clear the site, but because the current was too strong in front of it, Captain Edward Stamp moved the mill further into Burrard Inlet into what is now called "Gastown" in Vancouver.  Captain Edward Stamp didn't pay Jerry for the work he had done clearing the site.  Jerry took action against Capt. Stamp for $593.45!  The original documents for this demand for payment went up for auction recently on April 1, 2016!  We don't know if Capt. Stamp ever paid Jerry or not!  Maybe this plaque should have been for Jerry instead of Capt. Stamp!!!

Where is the Captain Edward Stamp Plaque in Stanley Park?

This plaque is located on the north side of Stanley Park on a rock on the Stanley Park Seawall between the lower walking path and the upper bicyle path.  The rock is on the upper part so the plaque is only visible to the bicycle path.  It is between the West and North Vancouver Lookout and the SS Empress of Japan Figurehead.

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