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Bus Loop in Stanley Park

Bus Loop in Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada

There is a bus loop in Stanley Park.  Only 1 public bus, the #19 goes to the loop year round.  The private Stanley Park Shuttle bus stops at the bus loop during the summer season.  The Stanley Park shuttle has many stops around Stanley Park, but it is an extra charge over and above the Translink charge for bus #19.

You would take the #19 bus into the bus loop if you want to visit the nearby miniature train, lumbermens' arch, Vancouver Aquarium, totem poles, Brockton Oval/pavilion, Rose Garden, and Stanley Park pavilion.

Where is the bus loop in Stanley Park?

The Stanley Park bus loop is located just up Pipeline Road from the traffic circle.  It is next to theMiniature Train, Air Force Garden of Remembrance , Stanley Park Bus Loop, and Wishing Well.

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