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Queen Elizabeth Tree and Plaque in Stanley Park

Queen Elizabeth Tree and plaque
Queen Elizabeth Tree and plaque

The Queen Elizabeth Oak Tree is one of the historical trees in Stanley Park.  It was planted on the day, May 12th, 1937, of the coronation of King George VI with his wife Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Cosmo Lang.

An interesting fact about this tree is that a lot of people believe that this tree is for our current Queen Elizabeth, but actually it is for her mother, the Queen Mother!

Another interesting fact is that tree is from the Royal Forest at Windsor which is a long ways away!

This tree is rarely visited by people because of it's location...on the tip of land where Stanley Park Drive intersects with Lagoon Drive between the Fish House and Second Beach.  It took us quite a while to actually find this tree!

Queen Elizabeth Tree plaque
Queen Elizabeth Tree plaque

The plaque says:

Queen Elizabeth Oak

from the royal forest at Windsor

Planted on coronation day

May 12th, 1937

Where is the Queen Elizabeth oak tree and plaque in Stanley Park?

The Queen Elizabeth tree and plaque is located on the tip of the triangular piece of land bordered by Stanley Park Drive, the Stanley Park Pitch and Putt Golf Course and the Fish House Restaurant.  The tip is pointing towards Ceperley Park.

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