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Brockton Oval in Stanley Park

Brockton Oval in Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada

The Brockton Oval is a grass playing field surrounded by a running track.  When the city of Vancouver was first formed in the 1880s, this was the place where Vancouverites did their sports!  The famous Canadian Olympian Percy Williams, who won both the 100 and 200 metre sprints at the 1928 Olympic Games in Amsterdam trained here!

It has stands for spectators whih include change rooms and washrooms.  It is used primarily for Rugby games.  Although the West Coast Saints play Aussie rules football here in the British Columbia Australian Football League (BCAFL).

The field at Brockton Oval is primarily used on weekends for Rugby games and is frequently empty.  The running track is very rarely used by anyone.

Brockton Oval plaque in Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada

The plaque says:



The fence around this ground was erected by the Vancouver Rugby Union with funds provided for the enhancement of the Brockton rugby ground by the late James D. Elliott

September 1980

Where is Brockton Oval in Stanley Park?

The Brockton Oval is located at Brockton Point.  It is next to the Brockton Pavilion and the Brockton Playing Fields.  The Percy Williams plaque is located on the stands side of the change rooms building.  Next to the Brockton Pavilion is the King Edward VII oak tree.

How to get to the Brockton Oval in Stanley Park?

If driving, take the Georgia Street entrance to Stanley Park, take the first right at the roundabout to get onto Stanley Park Drive.  Stay on Stanley Park drive for about 5 minutes.  If you are going to the Brockton Pavilion clubhouse, the access road is to the left just past the entrance to HMCS Discovery naval base.  There isn't public parking at the clubhouse so for parking you will need to stay on Stanley Park Drive to find a parking lot.  There are parking lots at the Totem Poles, and Brockton Point lighthouse, but you can continue to the north side of the Brockton Oval and there is the closest parking lot to the oval.

If walking or bicycling to the Brockton Oval, head right on the Stanley Park Seawall from Coal Harbour.  It is about a 15-20 minute walk to get to the Brockton Oval from the end of Coal Harbour.

If taking the transit bus, it is a little tricky, but you have to head east towards the Vancouver Aquarium.  You can either walk through the Aquarium's parking lot which connects to the Brockton Oval's parking lot OR you can take one of 2 trails from Avison Way to Brockton Oval.  It is about a 15-20 minute walk from the bus loop to the Brockton Oval.

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