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Driving Tour of Stanley Park

fire engine at Ceperley Park
Fire engine at Ceperley Park

You can get a good introductory tour of Stanley Park just by driving around it on Stanley Park Drive.  You can see a number of attractions along the way!

Starting your Tour

Start the tour by heading west on Georgia Street in Downtown Vancouver.  After passing Denman Street, stay right and follow the signs to enter Stanley Park.  Just after entering Stanley Park you will arrive at a traffic circle.  Enter the circle and take the first right to enter Stanley Park heading east going under the overpass.  The overpass is actually the Stanley Park entrance bridge

South-side of Stanley Park

After passing under the Entrance Bridge you will see the Queen Victoria Memorial immediately on your left.  Then, immediately to your right is the Vancouver Rowing Club.  Continue driving and on the right in the water you will notice all the boats.  This is the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club.  Continue to the next bay and you will see the Horse-drawn Carriage Tour starting location and the Stanley Park Information Booth.

Deadman's Island/HMCS discovery, welcome gateways, totem poles, hallelujah point, nine o'clock gun.

North-side of Stanley Park

Brockton Point Lighthouse, Chehalis Cross memorial, West and North Vancouver lookout, Edward Stamp plaque, lumbermens arch, prospect point

West-side of Stanley Park

windstorm damage, hollow tree, ferguson point,

South-side of Stanley Park

Ceperley Field, Ceperley Meadow, Second Beach, Queen Victoria Tree and plaque, lawn bowling club, vancouver parks board office, david oppenheimer statue

End of Tour of Stanley Park

English Bay on Beach Avenue.

Extended Driving Tour

If you want to extend you tour, you can purchase a parking ticket and stop at any of the attractions or locations along the way.

Stanley Park Tour


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