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Squirrels in Stanley Park

Squirrel in Stanley Park
Squirrel in Stanley Park

There are three types of squirrels in Stanley Park, the Eastern Grey Squirrel, Douglas Squirrel, and the Northern Flying Squirrel.

Eastern Grey Squirrels in Stanley Park

Eastern Grey Squirrel in Stanley Park
Eastern Squirrel in Stanley Park

The grey squirrels in Stanley Park were introduced to the park in 1914.  They were part of a group of 8 that were imported from Central Park in New York City.  Nobody is sure who bought them and introduced them to the park.  These squirrels are actually Eastern Gray Squirrel and are obviously non-native to the reqion.  They are usually a grey colour, but may be reddish brown or black with a white underside.  People like them because they have bushy tail.

Douglas Squirrels in Stanley Park

Douglas Squirrel in Stanley Park
Douglas Squirrel in Stanley Park

The douglas squirrel is native to Stanley Park.  This squirrel is smaller than the eastern gray squirrel.

Northern Flying Squirrels in Stanley Park

These squirrels are nocturnal and can 'fly' between trees.  They are a light brown colour.  We haven't seen one yet, but supposedly they are in Stanley Park!

March 2019 Update: It has been confirmed (with photos) that these flying squirrels do exist in Stanley Park!

Where can I see Squirrels in Stanley Park?

You can see squirrels all over Stanley Park!  A great place to see them is near the duck pond where there always seem to be lots of them!

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