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2023 Fly Over Canada

Fly Over Canada, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Entrance to Fly Over Canada

Fly Over Canada is a family friendly theme park-like amusement ride that simulates you flying across Canada from East to West.

This ride is located in Canada Place, which is Vancouver's cruise ship terminal.

You will feel like you are flying because you are buckled into seats, the floor is taken away, and a movie is projected onto a giant screen in front of you!

The visuals in the movie that is played in front of you are stunning!

The main movie is a fly over of many regions of Canada.  During the year, there are different special movies that are intermixed with the main movie.  See below for the 2023 schedule of special movies!

This ride is good if you only a short time to do an attraction, want to see some great visuals of Canada, and do something a little different!

This page will tell you how the ride works, ticket and price information, photos, hours of operation, location, age, height restrictions, parking, and transit information.

How does Fly Over Canada work?

There are 3 parts to the Fly Over Canada attraction.

The first part of Fly Over Canada is a pre-show.  It is a short movie, called Uplift, that is displayed on the walls in the first room you enter.  You are then led into the pre-boarding area.

The second part is where you get pre-flight instructions in the pre-boarding area.  After receiving the instructions you are led to the ride and buckled in.

The third part is the actual ride.  During the ride, the floor is moved away to give you the feeling that you are flying.  The chairs move and you will feel wind and water vapour sprayed at you at appropriate points during the movie.

2023 Fly Over Canada Show Schedule

2022 Real Wild West sign
Fly Over Canada Special Show board

The main original show, which is a flight across Canada, plays every day.

Each year there are a few other special shows that play intermixed with the original show.  In 2022, one of the shows was the 'Real Wild West'.

For 2023, there are 3 other special shows as follows:

From February 16, 2023 to April 23, 2023: Hawaii From Above - This show will show you some of the iconic places in Hawaii such as Waikiki Beach in Oahu, and the Road to Hana in Maui.

From April 27, 2023 to June 25, 2023: Windborne - Call of the Canadian Rockies - This show will show you the Canadian Rockies as you have never seen before!

Fall 2023: Legendary Iceland - Landscapes and Lore - This show is about Iceland and shows some of it's glaciers, fjords, and fjords, and mysteries!

Fly Over Canada Tickets and Prices

You get the best deal if you buy your tickets online in advance.  Adults are approximately $30 to $50 depending on the date, time, and movie(s) that you are seeing.  Children 15 and under are $10 less than the adult rate.  It is more expensive to buy tickets in person at the venue.

You buy a ticket for a set time.  You are guaranteed entry within 30 minutes of this time.

There is a BC Locals discount for British Columbia residents.

Buy Tickets Online

Things to know abour Fly Over Canada?

You have to take a bunch of stairs to enter/exit the ride part of Fly Over Canada.  There are elevators to handle wheelchairs and the disabled, but you should be aware of this.  To experience the full ride wheelchair users need to get out of their wheelchair and into the ride's seats.  There is an area that wheelchair users can stay in their wheelchairs, but it doesn't give you the full experience because you are on a floor.  Wheelchair users are recommended to call ahead.

There are parts of the film that make it appear that you are at altitude and suddenly go downhill.  If you get motion sickness easily or are afraid of heights this ride may not be for you.

Fly Over Canada Video

Unfortunately, we can't show a video of Fly Over Canada.  You will have to go on the ride to see it!

Fly Over Canada Photos

Fly Over Canada, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Entrance to Fly Over Canada
Flying Whale Cafe next to Fly Over Canada, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Flying Whale Cafe at Fly Over Canada
Gift Shop at Fly Over Canada
Gift Shop at Fly Over Canada

Where is Fly Over Canada Located?

West Promenade of Canada Place, Vancouver, BC, Canada
West Promenade of Canada Place

Fly Over Canada is located on the west promenade of Canada Place.

What is the address of Fly Over Canada?

The address of Fly Over Canada is 999 Canada Place Pl #201, Vancouver, BC, V6C 3E1.

What are the hours of Fly Over Canada?

As of March 26, 2023, Fly Over Canada is open from 9:30am to 8:30pm daily.

How long is the Fly Over Canada experience?

The experience is comprised of the pre-flight show, the pre-flight briefing, and the actual ride.  The ride lasts for 8 minutes.  The entire experience takes approximately 25 minutes.

What is the minimum ages to go on the Fly Over Canada experience?

There is no minimum age, however, to go on the ride you must be at least 40" (102cm) tall.

Children 12 and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian (over 14 years old).

Is there a weight limit on Fly Over Canada experience?

We don't know if there is a weight limit.  We will endeavour to find out from them and update this information here.

What is the url of the Fly Over Canada website?

Where is near the Fly Over Canada attraction?

Fly Over Canada is located at Canada Place.  Canada Place has many attractions such as the Voyage Canada Exhibit, The Canadian Trail and Port of Vancouver Discovery Centre.  This is also close to the Coal Harbour Seawall.

How to get to Fly Over Canada?

Walk along the west promenade of Canada Place from the front of Canada Place to get to Fly Over Canada.

Where do you park for Fly Over Canada?

There is paid parking underneath Canada Place.  Since Canada Place is downtown Vancouver there are many parkades within a number of blocks.

There is also some street parking.  Be aware that because it is downtown, the parking prices are high.

What Transit Train Station is near Fly Over Canada?

Canada Place is 1 block away from Waterfront Station where the SkyTrain and Canada Line transit trains go to.

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