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2019 Seawheeze Half Marathon Run in Vancouver, Canada

SeaWheeze Run in Vancouver, Canada

The SeaWheeze Half Marathon is an annual half marathon run that takes place in Vancouver, Canada.  This event is sponsored by LuluLemon.  Part of the run goes along the Stanley Park Seawall.  The SeaWheeze Half Marathon starts at Hastings St at Thurlow St.  The race finishes in Harbour Green Park in Coal Harbour.

The official website is: SeaWheeze.com

SeaWheeze Half Marathon Run Photos

SeaWheeze Run in Vancouver, Canada

When does the 2019 SeaWheeze Half Marathon Run take place?

The 2019 SeaWheeze Half Marathon happens on Saturday, August 17, 2019 from noon to 1:30pm.

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