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Fallen Tree

Fallen Tree
Fallen Tree

The Fallen Tree is a somewhat new attraction in Stanley Park.  For about 100 years there was a scraggly old tree just to the right of the Stanley Park Causeway that seemed out of place.  In December 2006, there was a huge windstorm that knocked down thousands of trees in Stanley Park.  This scraggly old tree was one of the trees knocked down.  It was decided to keep the tree as it was, i.e. fallen down, because it was so unique.  It has now become a new landmark in Stanley Park.  It has also become one of the most fun and popular attractions for children in Stanley Park.  You can rarely walk by the tree without seeing many children, and even some adults, climbing all over it!

According to the Superintendent of Trees for the Parks Board the fallen tree is a Catalpa tree.

Where is the Fallen Tree in Stanley Park?

The Fallen Tree is at the very end of Coal Harbour next to the Stanley Park Seawall and the Stanley Park Causeway.  Nearby is the Vancouver Rowing Club.

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